Whole Wheat Flour

Whole Wheat Flour

Saanichton Farm Whole Wheat Flour is made from 100% Hard Red Spring Wheat. It is a nutritious and delicious flour to use for bread and other baked treats.

Wheat Berries

Wheat Berries

Sprouted, cooked as a cereal, baked into bread or used in salads, Saanichton Farm wheat berries are full of flavour and nutrition. They are also great for grinding your own fresh flour.


Malt Barley

Our locally grown barley is used for malt production and as a high-quality animal feed.

Available Products and Price List

Package Size
Purchase Quantity
Price / kg
Package Price

Whole Wheat Flour

10.0 kg1-9$1.50$15.00
10 or more$1.40$14.00

Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries

1.00 kg1+$3.00$3.00
10.0 kg1+$1.40$14.00
20.0 kg1+$1.25$25.00

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