Ask for Saanichton Farm Lentils, Grains, Flour, and Flour Products at the following locations.

All products are also available directly from the farm.

Dan's Farm and Country Market
2030 Bear Hill Rd.
Saanichton, BC
Red Barn Market (W. Saanich)
5550 West Saanich Rd.
Victoria, BC
Red Barn Market (Matticks)
5325 Cordova Bay Rd.
Victoria, BC
Red Barn Market (Oak Bay)
1933 Oak Bay Ave.
Victoria, BC
The Root Cellar
1286 MacKenzie Ave.
Victoria, BC
Niagara Grocery
579 Niagara St.
Victoria, BC
Pepper's Foods
3829 Cadboro Bay Rd.
Victoria, BC
Carnivore Meats
#6-7103 West Saanich Rd.
Brentwood Bay, BC
Breadstuffs Bakery
1191 Verdier Ave,
Brentwood Bay, BC